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Monday, September 7, 2009

Unplanned Hairdo

i had been thinking whole week on getting a new hairdo. i asked Azman about this and he suggested of getting a bob cut (ala posh), but came to think of it, i already did that years ago. but still, its a good suggestion.

i opted for bob cut at first, but when he brought me to KK last weekend, i did a vigorous thinking in the car, and lastly resoted to do spa perm! hehe. we were supposed to catch Gamer that weekend, but hey, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. she should pamper her hair :) at 11am, Azman picked me up at home. I waited until 11.30 for him for he’s on his way from Kuala Penyu. Actually, he had this ‘tadarus’ there during Ramadhan, and they did this annually. So off we went to Centre Point, heading straight to Patrick Saloon.

like others will do, i resorted to hairstyle magz. we walked into the saloon, grab a hair magz, flipped through the pages and voila! i was attacted to Keira Knightley's curls. there, i want to look like that! And so i spent 3hours there. Azman made his way to i dont know where. Poor Azman had to wait for a treacherous 3hours without having the chance to eat or drink. Hihi. Of course, the likelihood of me getting the exact hairstyle as Keira’s is the remote possibilility of me being one of the stars in Gossip girls (xoxo). Perhaps having the picture there for comparison raised the expextation a notch too high.

Inevitably, i ended up being a bit dissappointed with the result. There were two reasons for that. One- the hairdresser might not have the suffice skill of turning my hair into Keira’s, and two- my hair might not have the necessary length, texture or volume to recreate that particular style. Hurm....and i realised that i had to take extra care of the hair now. Aduhhhh.........and oh, bila la mau dapat stunning locks macam Miley Cyrus....

notice the hairdresser?she's pretty. with great hair too.

this is what it turns out to be

I went to Tong’s while waiting for Azman to pick me up. I ended up buying kad raya. I kept bugging him about the hair but Azman said it looked just fine (yeah i know, twas your money invested on it).

And we went to 1 Borneo to break our fast. We ordered Teriyaki Chicken, Pepperoni Pizza, Chocolate Waffle, coke and iced lemon tea.


ice lemon tea + coke (float) quench the thirst


must eat: teriyaki hawaian chicken


tasty pepperoni. very crunchy!


Azman's fav, my poison: waffle with choc ice cream topping

Then, we went to Harris and out of nothing, i felt like buying a book. So, i picked Life’s Like This by Lydia Teh. Feeling satisfied, we went back to sipitang ..

p/s : pasal rambut pun nak pening. Hihi. But, fyi, permed hair looks dazzling if you tie it up in a ponytail.

Friday, September 4, 2009

KaK N first experience - driving to school!

6.35 am, kak N terpacak in front of my house, with Azhar at the back of the car. she drove all the way to merintaman, to fetch Jus. oh okay, set induction, Kak N never drive to school before this. she just got her driving license, and considering the fact that the road to our school is full of obstacles and loggings, we barely let her drive.

but today, if the month of Ramadhan, we risked our life by putting it in the hand of a just-got-my-driving-license lady. whatever will be, will be la kan. hehe. do, she hit the paddle, and srove all the way to Kebawang. thank god itu avanza auto, kalau manual, that means, i'm the one who will be changing the gear for her. ngehehe. alhamdullilah we managed to arrive school in perfect condition eventhough she wanted to change the driver last minute (when we were ging down the hill).

notice how serious she is?

kapten bertugas dan ketua pramugari airasia


before she overtakes a logging. notice the surrounding?berkabus a bit. dan tiada network langsung. terima kasih

ini pic snap sendiri, syok sendiri.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Britney's love letter

twas 12.40 pm. i was walking to the car with Tony, and at the school gate, out of nowhere, Britney (Year2), grabbed my hand, leaving me a piece of note. as if she was giving a love letter to her bf. :) . it was neatly folded by an 8 year old girl. i opened it carefully, and this was what it turned out to be......

Britney's love letter

comey btoi budak ni. hihi. come to think of it, i've never gotten any love letter from Encik Azman...hurm....
p/s: takpela, if there's no love letters, just fill this empty stomach with food. i mean loads of food. i'll be just as happy as a kid. :). ngehehehe.
p/s : hope that my own kid will be as sweet, innocent and kind as these kids.

terkurang ajar??

today i receive 2 more bday cards from my pupils, Shafiqqa, Marctinih, Bianah and Jizera. yesterday i received a 'bagfull' of cards, hand made ok from my kids. today, they make one big card and a smaller one, each carrying different messages. one from Shafiqqa inviting me to her open house in Tg Pagar for coming eidul mubarak, and the big one saying that they're sorry for being naughty and the word 'terkurang ajar' is used in the card. haha. it goes like this..

"marctinih minta maaf cikgu Zu kerana terkurang ajar dengan cikgu selama ini"..

what will your reaction be? hahahahahahaha.... what was she thinking when she wrote that? seriously saya terharu dengan kata2 mcm tu. though i didnt get flowers nor presents, but the cards worth even more than those things. money isnt everything ( in suburbs only, take note,heh) their effort of writing, folding,colouring and designing those cards is my ultimate happiness. imagine, these kids used to be very not-so-hardworking and they barely appreciate what we taught them, but now, they are turning to be persons who know how to respect others, care about others and do realize what is happening around them.

to those who knew that i am teaching in kawasan pedalaman bawah in sabah, to be specific, in SK Kebawang, which main road will lead us to Tenom, you'll understand why i felt this way.

kad raya from Shafiqqa

birthday cards from my kids

p/s : manisnya budak2 ni :).

wedding preps

i am thinking of coming up with a new blog on my wedding preparation...but ...reality checks, i dont't have much time and guess what, i dont favour writing and typing that much. its just that i think that it would be nice if we have our own blog on the wedding preparation. kan?

ok. i think i still remember the details of the preparation, up to this point lah. yang bab kenduri dah settle, bab docs utk kahwin antara negeri dan blood test+ujian saringan HIV after raya baru nak settle kan.

preparation for kenduri di KEDAH :
1. Pelamin ................................................... tempah di Ombak Klasik.Jitra
2. hiasan for bed ............................... ........... Ombak Klasik juga
3. make up for 2days ....................................Ombak Kasih lagi
4. baju kahwin for 1days .............................. Ombak ke?
5. kenduri + food ........................................... ma abah yang handle
6. malam berinai ............................................ Ombak Klasik yang handle
7. furniture untuk bilik kami ........................ balik Kedah next week nak beli

preparation for kenduri di SABAH:
1. Pelamin ................................................... tempah di Beaufort already
2. hiasan for bed ............................... ........... also in Beaufort
3. make up for 3days ....................................Beaufort lagi
4. baju kahwin for 3days .............................. Beaufort ke?
5. kenduri + food ........................................... geng Kuala Penyu yang handle
6. malam berinai ............................................ KP handle
7. malam berbedak ........................................ B cakap familynya yang handle
8. mendadih dan kelupis ...............................katering' KP
9. furniture untuk rumah sewa kami .......... da beli di al madina

gambar hanya sekadar hiasan :)

leganya rasa sbb yang bab kenduri di sabah da settle 3/4 dah. baju nikah pun da ditempah di Ombak Klasik.wedding ringslah the first things we bought at Tomei (sebab ada sale). 2 for me and 1 for him tak sampai 4k . nasib baik tak lari modal, if not, makan megi pecah 4 la jawabnya nanti . hihi.

bab hantaran, tinggal lagi 2hantaran for Azman yang belum dibeli. budget untuk hantaran memang dah lari sangat2. budget 5k for both sides, but now, da exceed. phones,ps2,camera,watches and others pun dah cost around 7k. mahalnya nak kahwin!i decide to do 7 balas 5 sahaja because nanti tak larat nak angkat barang on plane. hurm. plus, duit abis nnt.

our wedding card kami tempah di Alice Wedding Gallery kat 1 Borneo. RM2.20 per piece, and agak smart. 500pieces ja kami tempah, nanti lari budjet. hihi. right now i am in the middle of choosing our pictures to be printed into the w'card.
baju untuk both sides pun da dibeli.kain di kamdar ja. murah sikit. :). bertanya mengangkut from kedah to sabah. sakit tangan, tapi its worth it :)i guess da almost 3/4 kan preparation. semoga takda apa2 yang tertinggal after this.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

shopping for w'day & a day with the shenanigans

last school holiday, went back to Kedah on the 22nd of August. it wasnt in my plan. i was supposed to go back to kedah a week before raya, but when Azman and i decided to get married this year, i had to go back and prepare for the wedding. i already booked the pelamin, catering, the tempat hantaran. also tempah baju kawin. for baju nikah, we decided to let the same boutique desinging our pelamin to do the job. people say, baju nikah better dibuat, jangan sewa, at least you'll have some sort of kenangan. hurm.. ok. we were just following what people say. kan.for the family, my sis in law accompanied me to do the shopping. i decided to go with the theme 'batik' for both family, tapi perempuan ja dapat batik. the guys still dapat plain baju melayu. hihi. maaf ya.

i also managed to take my niece and nephews out. twas the four of us. kids, they would run here and there, asking to buy these and these, but not with my 3kids. they were being good. i brought them to the arcade section on level 3 of jitra mall, and let them play whatever they want as a gift for not being naughty. happyla 3 3 orang tu mengabiskan duit makciknya.sedih jugak bila tinggalkan anak anak sedara ni once you're attached to them.. hurm..

radin nabilajmal in the front line :0

radin afzan, radin nabilajmal and noor nazirah at the back.

i am already 25.

Today marks my 25th birthday and I am just so happy with life for the time being. Hoping that it’ll be better in the future too. Amin.

On the 30th of August, Azman picked me up at KKIA. Twas half past three. And I was goddamn hungry. Luckily I didn’t break my fast on the place. Already had the urge to order that damn foccacia from the stewardess. Hek hek. As Dilla would say, ‘Buat ja muka orang siam dan makan’. If only twas that simple. Hehe. Well, anyway, as we went back to the car and headed to 1 Borneo, he grabbed my hand and pulled the dashboard. To my surprise, there’s this one goodie bag imprinted Diamoney. I opened it, and hihi, there’s a diamond ring! (in my finger size-7). Seronoknya!!!. Walaupun I dont favour jewellery, but he was the first to give me a diamond ring, and that was big for me. I used to be a tomboy, who barely appreciates bling bling, but when someone whom you like, gave you that piece of rock, I don’t know what to say except for SANGAT SUKA.

Then, we went to 1 Borneo, and he gave me another surprise, and that was for our wedding nanti. We break our fast at New York New York and went back to his family’s house. What a great day. Already forgotten the jetlag. Hihi.

p/s: I am not a gold digger. though Dilla already taught be how to be one. J

thank you encik azman. saya akan cuba jadi your best girlfriend ever :)