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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lets Talk About Beauty

Do you think the proverb ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ is true, or are there certain norms of beauty? Well, for me…. I’d rather say that it’s 100% true. I have the impression that men with short hair, don’t think too much of themselves, have small pair of eyes, were not vertically challenged (163 is still OK ), funny and a bit childish and ATHLETES were those in the ‘good looking’ section

Aristotle once said, beauty was a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction, and that’s true. People tend to treat ‘them’ nicely. So, cubalah bercantik-cantik agar anda dilayan dengan hebatnya.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bribe Me. Please :)

SUSBOB's new eyebrow

We went to KK on Saturday. He had works to be settled before going back to school. We headed to KK as early as 7am in order to be there before 10am. I picked him at Kee Motor. He was putting away his slippers when he accidentally injured his left brow (terkena bucu pintu ya, terima kasih-thanks to you SUSBOB for hurting my dearest one!) dah berjasa si SUSBOB tu dengan cara mencederakan Azman. Luckily, I was a minor cut, and kehensemannya tetap tidak hilang. PHEWWW.. mati kamu aku cederakan SUSBOB kalau Azman cedera parah. Huh.
Azman sudah hilang mood akibat luka di brownya. He kept his mouth shut all the way to Beaufort. Being a concerned girlfriend, I sang my heart out all the way to cheer him up. Haha. Kesian dia, luka di brow bertambah dengan kesakitan di telinga mendengar suara sumbang. As always, he smiled and complimented me on my singing skills. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

We stopped by at Beaufort for he was craving for some humongous ‘paus’. Later on, we drove our way to KK. After he had settled his works, we went to 1 Borneo to catch Paul Blart : Mall Cop. We’d seen the trailer before, and he was excited to see Kevin James in action. It was hilarious! Credits to Kevin James for being such a funny mall cop. Or it is James Kevin?? Haha. Lupa sudah.

I wanted to put stickers on the front window, so we went to Kampung Air. I took a peek at the leather seat in the shop. It would be cool to see it in my car… then, he came and asked me “mau letak leather seat ka? Syg pilih la yang mana syg suka” . and I was like…”tiada wang. Nanti saja a”. He insisted on buying it, so , I wasn’t my fault, right? I was not being a pisau cukur kan?? J . He also bribed me with Liverpool goodies, just to make sure that I will go forLiverpool instead of Arsenal. Hikhik.. Whatever it is, thank you Azman. You rock my world.
My Fav RockStar :)