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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My first experience escorting students for Majlis Sukan started on 2-5th February 2009. It was held in Meligan, that’s 2 hours drive from Kebawang, and the road was like we’re heading straight to HELL. Only 4WD and dirt bikes managed to trail the road. And guess what, we hitchhiked a JKR lorry, fitting 24 students and 8 teachers, together with food supply. Ha Ha! What a joke. I almost fell out of the lorry when the driver crashed onto a f***ing stone. My butt hurt like I had no more bones left there. Aduina. But remarkably, we managed to eat and still laughing all the way to Meligan.

As we arrived, the organizer led us to the place we were supposed to spend the 3 days there. An empty class next to the teacher’s room! Nice. Ha Ha! I was in charged of the food and athletes and kecemasan (luckily I know how to ‘bandage’ things). Food was prepared by Kak N and bunda Azhar (the Sous Chef ). it was god damn delicious. menjilat your toes. hehe.

Kg Meligan was quite big. allocating hundreds of students in the school named after the kampung. there was also hostel for the students. mcm funny bila little kids ranging from 6-12 years old stayed in hostel. kan?. the environment was good, super cold. even my bf said that when he jumped into the river, he quickly jumped out of it, for he could not stand the intensity of the coldness of the water. haha. served him right. ada hati nk mandi sungai a. itu belum lagi pegi mandi di Long Pasia. talking about Long Pasia, which is situated almost 120km from Pekan Sipitang, the next MSSZT will be held there. adoi. patah la butt bones nanti. almost 5 hours drive from Sipitang tu.

the first day in Meligan, we did nothing but cleaning and setting the place plus preparing food for the students. at night, there was this firecrackers performance. mantap seyh! brapa k yang habis pon i didnt know. heck. tengok ja. after that, we went to bed. tidur pon one side male students with the teachers, and one side female students with the teachers. i slept next to kak Maz. ada bunyi soundstream every night, didn't know whos, but we ignored it. ngehehe.

the second day, the competition started. ada relay, sprint, lompat jauh, lompat tinggi. our school's hero, Cho, managed to bag 3 medals. one gold medal in lompat tinggi, and 1 bronze in lontar peluru. who says skinny people tak boleh lontar peluru?during lompat tinggi, we screamed like monkeys for Cho, no wonder he won that event. and that proved moral support is also important in increasing one's self motivation. hehe.

the third day, was the olahraga events. we didnt win anything, but it was fun. to be able to see your kids running with all their might was a form of entertainment. :) . murphin was the 4th runner in 4x100, and he went out off the track. why? he said that he felt dizzy. haha. lucu. lari kuat sangat sampat rasa palau. that's my kid! it was also the day for the marching event. our school managed was the 1st runner up!. tak sangka. costume yang kami prepared, jahit sampai ke pagi, ada jugak hasilnya. sangat best!... we went home at 12. once again, our butts had to suffer for 2 long hours, but who cared, as long as we are happy. :)


Joke 1

I was in my English Year 5 class when dear Victerley posed me with this one shocking yet hilarious questions. We were talking about Jobelcho going to Papar for the sports event. Suddenly Victerley asked me, “ cigu, kalau c cho menang d papar, dia jadi ketua kampong ka nanti?’. All in the class went berserk. Hahahahahahahaha. Adaka dia fikir macam tu. Menang district level punya competition qualifies you to be a ketua kampong. Haha. Budak murut ni memang super funny

Joke 2

Rendy, our Ratu Pondan, who loves to speak in SEMENANJUNG accent though it sounds a bit bizarre, said something funny when we were crossing a small river on our way to Meligan for MSSZT . “ cigu, tengok sungai tu. Airnya KEBUT”. Fyi, KABUT is the real pronunciation which conveys the meaning air keruh. He thought that all semenanjung words starts and ends with the ‘E’ sound. He totally combined the two accents WELL. Haha. Thumbs up Rendy.

Joke 3

Mr Juseri, my colleague aka my bunda, has this ‘spoonerism’ dilemma. Haha. He calls me ZULHELA (btw my real nama is zulaiha). He calls kak emiza emilia, siti kanapiah as siti karipan, and so the list goes. Suka hati jiran dia ja mau panggil nama orang macam macam. Haha.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

spell BUSY for me.

I'm the cikgu kecemasan for the District level Volleyball Competition where Sipitang, Kuala Penyu ( bf punya hometown ), Papar and Beaufort competes to go to the nest level which is State level. Arrives at the MD court as early as 7 a.m. Kak N and Jus are in charge of the score for both primary and secondary level. but in the end. i have to help them since the players do not 'commit' themselves into serious injuries. only a girl from Papar twisted her ankle, without intention okay, and i have to 'wrap' her feet. my soon to be husband is there too. he's the tukang tulis score, together with my soon to be bro-in-law, as the coach for KP. the game ended with sipitang as the champion for 18p, and Papar for the 18L. for the kids, i'm not sure, tak sedar pulak. btw, it is the same day i am supposed to be the closing emcee for the story telling and action songs competition, also district level in Sk Merintaman. instead of forcing myself to think of what to say, i stick to being ajk kecemasan. what a genius! he he.


I’m busy. That’s right. And I’m getting darker. Blame the netball and volleyball for making me look like Naomi Campbell now (as if) . haha. I am busy training for the friendly netball match with the teachers from SK Melalia. Luckily, we win 22-5. ha-ha. Hows that for a start. I am the GA/GS for our Zon Timur team. At first, we are nervous like hell and sweating like a pig. But who knows that we manage to beat them with such scores. He-he. Sorry a auntie2 Melalia. After the school hols, I have to be ready for the District Choral Speaking Competition and Spelling Competition too. Aduina. Tiresome ah.

me and kak Maz, laughing

*tak boleh duduk diam2 . panaih

Language Matters

Wonder why I’m using Simple Present Tense all way long?? That’s because I’m now, don’t have the mood or the urge of using correct tenses when I’m writing. I totally don’t have the idea or when and how to use Past Tense anymore, or should I say, it deteriorates gradually, ever since I am posted to Sabah!.. Sad, but true.

I don’t remember the rules anymore, and I think I do speak like a m****n if you were to converse in English with me for the time being. Grammarwise, huh, pathetic. FYI, I love to read my friends’ blogs since they are good at it, I mean, writing stuffs that’ll make you envy them and want to be like them. As if they are living a perfect life. But sometimes, it can be a bit annoying, but heck. Who cares. I love reading them. Hik hik.

Dilla’s blog is all about her and hubby Shafiq. Janns about her hectic life and how she’s loving her career as an educator. Aesha’s cute. My bebi besar’s @ Dell, is 100% about her love life + whines + humour. The dlisted tells all about the Hollywood celebrities from A-Z, and it is darn funny. Mine? I guess it’s all about me, and people around me. That’s people in Sipitang , mind you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The New Guy

Met him at the MSSZT( Majlis Sukan Zon Timur). It started of as a joke. Beat was the one who made me realized that there was this one cute guy next door from SK Ulu Bole ( yes the school name is quite absurd, kan? Wtf, saya pun pelik juga, SK Kebawang). Hihi. Somehow, he’s Huda’s coursemate (in USM, well Huda is one of my colleague in Kebawang). I asked Kak N to candid him. All of a sudden, he came near our booth, and Huda made a joke asking him to pose with us, but he replied,” taknak dengan Huda, nak dengan orang yang di tepi tu”. Yes, he’s pointing at me. OMG! I was shocked, but still smiling ear to ear. But I spoiled the moment by running away like a freak after the picture was captured. GREAT JOB kan. At 12 noon, we headed back to Kebawang to send the kids, and straight away to Sipitang, to send the teachers. He managed to send his regards for me through Beat. I went back to Sipitang with a happy faceJ. And oh yes, Huda did give me his number since she knew that I was hoping for it. *grin*

I texted him when I arrived home, must it wasn’t delivered. Sob sob. Pity me. But, at 9 pm, I received a text message from a number I’d been waiting for. Phew! He knew that I’d text him (that what he said). He was such a good guy. I felt as if I was his bestfriend. A month later, he asked whether I was attached to anyone, and of course the answer would be NO. later, he confessed that he had his eye on me since the 1st day of the MSSZT. Yay! We became an item since then.

‘You’re mine now. From this day onwards, I hold full responsibilities of taking care of you’
– 26th February 2009-

We realized that we shared the same passion in sports ( he plays volleyball and football, and I mean he’s really good at it). We met and managed to contact each other via phone only on WEEKENDS. Sob sob. So, Friday excites me the most since I know that he’ll be in Sipitang to see me

‘Dear God,
The only thing I ask of you is to hold him when I’m not around
When I’m much too far away…’

Sunday, May 3, 2009

volley ball-ing

3rd May 2009

right now, Azman's playing volleyball with a bunch of older people.
these are the images that i managed to capture.

Pulau Manukan . hurm..

Blek, a friend from Alor Setar was in KK for the weekend. Dilla took him to Pulau Manukan, giving him a chance to 'snorkle bogel'. yes, thats the right word, bogel. i would like to put emphasis on the word bogel since Blek loves it pretty much.

We headed to Pulau Manukan with Blek, and my Bf (Mr Azman). Blek did his 'thing' while Dilla and I trying to be the 'girly (geli)' type of bitches by taking loads of pictures (of ourselves), while Azman layan perasaan seorang diri di tepi pantai itu.

kami estrella. kah?

itten dan mama terung

jill azman

mama kutip shells untuk dijual

at night, we met Blek and his friends at the Sugar Bun's cafe. They were hillarious! a bunch of gays meeting up and saying stupid things excited me the most. then we went to Tg Aru, in hope of catching a glimpse of foreigner berbikini di waktu malam. keep on dreaming. haha. at 1 pm, we went straight back home for our beauty sleep. ZZzzZZ...

i realized that Blek was getting more skinny. and i think i know why. be strong man, you're a great guy. for sure there's someone waiting for you out there. ok?

Off to KK! Say Hello TESLians!

Friday, 2nd May 2009

Yay! Went off to KK to meet Dilla, ShueMonT, Aida, and Azreen. Earlier morning, Dilla called, mengumpan saya ke KK dengan alasan ada mont, anak jiran dan rufus di sana. I’m soooo excited to see those bitches. I dragged Azman along, as usual, to drive me here and there ( sorry B ). Twas almost 9 pm that I met them at Jesselton Point. The bitches were busy ordering food dekat restoran nasi padang tu.Bebi Dell ada menelefon untuk bercakap dengan papa baru, terkejut Azman tiba-tiba Dell panggilnya papa. Ha ha. Apa la kamu ni bebi. Dah jumpa, apa lagi, ber GOSSIP sampai kami dihalau oleh tauke restaurant itu. Dia guna cara halus. His worker sent the bill, and then ‘pop’, off the lights. Ha Ha! Bagus-bagus.

Saturday morning, we picked up DJ and his husband at KK Times Square Hotel. Dj’s 5 months pregnant now, sangat comel perutnya tu. Due in September, harap-harap sama birth date dengan auntie Chot. Ngeh ngeh. We went to City Mall, window shopped some more and sent aida, mont and anak bebi back to their hotels, leaving Dj and his husband at the taxi station for they’re heading to Keningau.Dah lama tak dengar kawan-kawan ketawa berabis. Sangat rindu. Sangat best berjumpa dengan rakan-rakan TESL. Nak jumpa lagi .

@ Jesselton Point