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Monday, August 17, 2009

our makan shop

i'm beginning to love Sugar Bun. azman would drive all the way from sipitang, sabah, to lawas, sarawak to take me for lunch @ Sugar Bun. the price is affordable. i totally crave for sambal eco fish ( humogous fish+fragrant rice+sambal+soy sauce+pickled cucumber), and assam fish head (asam pedas kepala ikan+tomatoes+fragrant rice). my favourite drink would definitely be the 3 layer tea ( tea+fresh milk+gula melaka). sedappp ooooo.........

i love new york new york. dilla introduces me to this place early this year. it was located in 1 Borneo. the food is great. suits my appetite and random eating disorder. the menu is very attractive-soo many food listed there. hehe. ranging from appetizers to burgers to big big chicken. i'm so loving the food there. i like the cheesy baked chicken and prawn fritters.ah, teriyaki chicken pun delicious jugak. it's a mixture of kenny roger + pizza hut + nando's. i couldnt ask for more . nyum nyum. hihi. bone appetite.

friendly netball match :)

on the 6th august , two weeks ago, 3 girls from my school-Marctinih, Josie Ebetrese and Karleybianah- and 4 from Sk Solob-Elsi, Cynthia, Saran, and Lucy were chosen to play against SK Lubok Darat. they had their first training a month ago, and that was it. me, neng,kak rain, kak n, and kak maz were crossing our fingers, hoping that the girls from LD wont eat our girls alive. we went to LD at 5pm, but it was raining at that time. so we decided to wait at the parking space. i put on my PCD's cd, and guess what, the rain stopped! haha. nokotigot my heart (terkejut hatiku-in Dusun). hebat betul penangan PCD kan. at 5.15pm, they started the match. fuhh. tak sangka pandai jugak budak-budak ni main though only once they'd practiced. we were screaming and yelling out hearts' out, giving those girls moral support. our girls won! 13-5! Hebat kannn........... at night, i treated them dinner. i tapau kfc for them. and managed to help Tony (Zaharah) colour her hair at the same time. went home at 10pm, turun sorang-sorang dari flat merintaman yang tiada lampu itu sangat scary. anyway, i ran down the stairs. haha.

TEGAK with the zon timur's ream :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

kuala penyu ..again

currently porting ourselves to Kuala Penyu. sometimes we spend our weekend here, back in Kg Linsuk, Azman's hometown. the environment is super clean, and sensational too, for there's a beach nearby. only a few metres away from his house. oh, by the way, it's only an hour you have to suffer in a speed boat if you were to go to Pulau Tiga ( the Survivor Island). Pantai Sawangan is truly candy to the eyes. we're going there tomorrow morning, i want to snap pics to my heart's content. hihi. i spent the evening watching TV1, semi finals badminton,while getting Qasrinah to sleep. . boy i really missed watching Lin Dan in action. *wink wink*.

just now, i helped him to cook. i know, it was the other way around. its me who's supposed to do the cooking with him helping, but, heck. he wanted to cook considering the fact that he's far a better cook than me. ayam goreng kunyit memang sedap when someone you love yang masak. we dined together, leaving auntie sairah taking care of her grand daughter, Qasrinah. auntie doesnt each much, thats why she's only 42kg. now he's playing with his 6years old niece, Qasrinah. entertaining her with Wali band's Cari Jodoh, making her laugh her heart out. hurm...ada tokoh jadi abah :)

he took a peek of what i was doing nampaknya...kedapatan tengah berblogging. so, see you later .. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding : Jus & Murni

Azman, me, Kak Imah ( carpool-ing) and Azhar(dengan Vios-nya,alone) headed off to Papar at 9.30 am. Promised to meet Kak N, Polly, and Tony @ 7E at 11 am. We waited for the girls for about….an HOUR! Goddamnit.. we were freaking hungry. Bought half of the snacks in 7E kot. Hehe. We ate in the car while waiting for the ladies. Oh yes, we did came across Blexi’s friend yang tinggal di Papar ( dah lupa nama, maaf ya ).

The ladies finally arrived and we went straight to Jus’s place. (1minute drive from 7E). sampai saja sana, came to my surprised, bro belum lagi pakai baju pengantin! Ya Allah! Hihi. Funny. I was hoping yang bro pakai baju asli Bajau, berkuda di tempat kenduri. hihi. With his working kemeja and pants, he entertained us with generous smile and he even served the food for us. Naik lemaklah team kebawang ni. Oh ya, in the pengantin room, kak murni tengah half naked ya sedang disolek. Hihi. dapat goodie bag yang berisi Lamban ( traditional kueh kaum di sini, bila membuat nya orang panggil mendadih) .Tak sempat tgk mereka bersanding sebab terus ke Putatan untuk pasang woofer. Yee har! SUSBOB dah betul-betul jadi Transformers… Autobots… Roll on!

pengantin lelaki yang masih belum ready :)
from left standing : kak imah, kak N, bro Jus, me, Polly, Jennifer, Merziana and sitting, Azhar.

pose menunggu. di belakang, kak imah, and she's 3months preggie :)

B and Azhar. dah habis botol besar 100+ nya menunggu for the ladies.

Sukan Komuniti

last fortnight, i was unable to merendek to KK for this reason: sukan komuniti:bola tampar peringkat daerah. i had to accompany Azman for 2days from morning till evening for that purpose.

Azman played for the Pendidikan Team. though he nagged a lot about their performance before, but he was totally surprised when the team managed to be the CHAMPION. :). they won some cash and it went straight into my mnd purse. TQ bakal suami .

Reflection session. I think.

With DUN Sindumin, Tuan Haji Ahmad Bujang, my Headmaster’s brother.

Prize giving time!
p/s: congrats B. you always make me proud of you. you are simply the best!