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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally, i'm pregnant

for the time being, i still in doubt. whether i'm able to carry the responsibilities of being a mother, and taking care of A baby. in my entire life, i never thought this day would come.
i'm neither happy, nor sad. still in between.

i don't know what am i supposed to do when .. you know... when you're pregnant. people say, eat good food, take care of your health. but the problem is, during the first trimester, i totally have no appetite. eating is torture. i don't feel like going through the process of eating itself. sometimes i even have to close my eyes, and force my throat to accept the food. it was no fun at all.

i remembered being a fun eater. i ate a lot. every weekend we go to KK just for the sake of having KR, Big Apple, PH and Mc D. but now, i hate those fast food restaurants! to the core should i say. i don't have the enthusiasm of going to KK anymore, and i don't give it a damn about good and luxurious food. to hell with them.

pity me. when will this end?

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