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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i love my husband, indeed. what about you peeps? do you? do you marry him for love? or money? or because he's just so drop dead gorgeous? hurm.. think about it :)

as for me, i married him for love. sounds superficial but indeed the truth. i knew him for only 4 months when we decided to tie the knot. it reached our 10 months of relationship when we were officially pronouced husband and wife. it was fast, wasnt it? our relationship was in a very fast pace. it just kept moving and moving. and it reached the climax on the 4th of dec 09. :)

i like him. i fancy him so much since the 1st day i set my eyes on him. he's not the typical malay guy (yeah right,he's not even a Malay, hihi) who comes to you asking for your number, or the 'pewwwwit,leh kenal tak' kind of guy. he's soft spoken, very humble and sometimes can be such a freak. hihi. what i love most is his accent. his 'kurapak' yang dicampur adukkan dengan bahasa semenanjung+sabah+brunei+kedah (sometimes). sangat soft spoken. i tend to sulk, A LOT. but once he speaks, he melts my heart (did i hear someone throwing up?).

i am bad tempered, he's not. i am loud. and he's not. i splurge. he does not. and that's 3 of the many reasons that i love him so much. :)

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